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Retailers use the label reading robot Keonn AdvanRobot for inventory counting

Keonn has been developing, modifying and experimenting with AdvanRobot in retailers to create a solution that is easy to use, 
transmits and navigates RFID tags in stores.
Keonn Technology has launched a new version of RFID tag reading robot AdvanRobot. Its system integration partner plans to use the robot in a large US retailer for a large-scale pilot this spring. In January 2016, the latest version will be commercialized. The robot has built-in UHF RFID reader and antenna, laser sensor, 3D camera and an on-board sensor system for label reading report. The system can also prompt the location of the label reading according to the label signal strength, the location information stored in the sensor system, and the sensor data collected by the laser and 3D camera.

The anonymous retailer conducted a three-month test in the summer of 2015. Keonn co-founder and CEO Ramir De Porrata Doria said that the company will use this new version of robot for a more extensive test this year. The maximum moving speed of AdvanRobot is 1 meter per second, 400 labels can be read per second, and the maximum reading range is 20 feet

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In recent years, Keonn has been developing, modifying and experimenting with AdvanRobot in retailers to create an easy-to-use solution for transmitting and navigating RFID tags in stores. In addition to Keonn, other companies also provide RFID robots, because this solution is easier to read in the store than the traditional store clerk handheld reader. At the same time, the system can also provide label location and inventory counting.

De Porrata Doria explained: "The main factor is not the technical reason, but the usability. Robots are an advanced tool, but users do not need to be controlled by those with technical background."

De Porrata Doria said that Keonn had been improving the robot to make it easier for sales people to control it. He said that if the sales staff could control the robot to take stock, the frequency of stock taking would be accelerated.

AdvanRobot is part of Keonn's retailer RFID platform - an RFID suite that communicates with AdvanCloud cloud servers. These systems include intelligent changing rooms; Other interactive systems, such as smart mirrors; Inventory tracking scheme using handheld reader; RFID payment and loss prevention system; And the robot. AdvanCloud software will interpret the data read by the reader and integrate it into the user's management software. In addition, Keonn also provides an Android application for users to connect. With this application, the user can control the robot, view the 3D camera image and issue an instruction indicating that inventory counting is required.

Keonn's built-in RFID shelves, display cabinets, display stands, Kanban panels, fitting room mirrors and sports timing systems all use ThingMagic modules. They chose ThingMagic because of its good performance and an application interface that can support most modules.

First, the user uses the joystick to control the robot's movement to create map information. This information will be stored in robot memory and AdvanCloud software and accessed using AdvanRobot applications. The system uses in store WiFi to communicate with the robot. The built-in laser sensor of the robot can detect obstacles on the floor, while the 3D camera not only provides real-time image information, but also can confirm whether there are obstacles on the current floor and bypass.


For the gate point, the inventory tracking area of the robot can be divided into several areas. In this way, the user can assign the robot to scan the designated area - eg: underwear or furniture or skip some areas that do not need to be scanned.

After the map information is created, it will be stored in the ECS and robot memory, and the employees and managers can start to check the inventory. Employees only need to press the operating lever on the robot to move to the starting point in the store. The user can specify the tag points to be read on the mobile phone to start inventory counting.

AdvanRobot is built with AdvanReader 150, an EPC Gen 2 UHF RFID reader manufactured by Keonn. Six Keonn Advantenna p22 readers are also installed on the left and right sides of the robot. When the robot moves in the store, the reader will read the RFID tag ID number of the product. The onboard software can judge the antenna with the strongest tag reading strength, and then bind the data to the robot position. If the robot judges that there are a large number of labels in this area, it will slow down. If the number of labels is small, it will speed up its movement. If the number does not match, the robot will move back to read again.

RFID data is stored on the ECS, and store managers can view it remotely. The staff can also read the results and image information of specific areas through the application view tag. In addition, users can also change robot instructions in real time to perform inventory counting in specific areas.

The new version of the robot offers several improvements. The capacity of the built-in battery is expanded, and the label reading speed is faster. At the same time, the robot can also be more convenient for maintenance, and the battery module can be easily removed. The robot can be folded in half for easier movement.


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