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Application of UAV RFID intelligent warehouse management system

With the vigorous development of live broadcasts, short videos, reality shows and other programs, there are countless projects 
applying unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)
With the vigorous development of live broadcasts, short videos, reality shows and other programs, there are countless projects applying unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Not long ago, Xinhua News Agency also announced the formation of a UAV news collection and editing team... With the development of the world's electronic Internet of Things technology, the use of civilian UAVs is endless. The article mainly talks about the application of intelligent management system based on RFID UAV.

RFID technology used to be a national defense technology, but it has gained a new life after it has been migrated to civilian use. Many industries have achieved brilliant results. What is the application of RFID technology in the UAV intelligent management system?


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A red "Kitty Eagle 3A" drone with a weight of 15 kg, a wingspan of 2.6 meters and a length of 2.1 meters successfully flew in Dayi County, Chengdu on July 12. This is the first long-distance tracking search technology achievement in my country that combines UAV technology and GPS tracking personnel search and rescue with the help of RFID radio frequency technology. People who go out only need to carry the beacon in advance and turn on the device when encountering emergencies. The search and rescue personnel can conduct low-frequency search to achieve rapid positioning, improve search and rescue efficiency, and change the traditional search and rescue in the wild after people disappear. Carpet search.


Trimble will also experiment with Google's new project to accurately measure soil layers on smart farms abroad. In this new project, the general attack controller logo is inserted into the soil layer, the controller logo is used to accurately measure the soil moisture content, the data information collected by the GPS and the load logo is used, and the report is submitted according to WiFi.


In addition, the German company Fraunhofer has developed and designed a new intelligent inventory management system. The system software will use this technology to apply drones in the warehouse to check inventory. According to this technology, the intelligent management system of UAV inventory is maintained by using the controller array on the gas controller service platform. The plan has the characteristics of automatic tracking, automatic return to the starting point, automatic landing function and automatic loading of road signs.

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